• 6 Reasons to Choose Chiropractic Care After an Auto Injury
    1. Chiropractic Reduces Inflammation. At the time of a mortar vehicle collision, the ligaments and muscles attached to your spine can be stretched and develop micro-tears. X-rays or MRI’s aren’t advanced enough to Read more
  • Tree Massacre
    Here is this weeks blog that my brother Dr. Pete Lombardi posted. On Friday we had the nicest day of the year so far, so I decided it was time to Read more
  • Will You Dance With Me ?
    This is the most recent blog that my brother Dr. Pete Lombardi posted. Recently my wife told me about a mother/son or daddy/daughter dance that my daughter’s school was organizing. She Read more
  • Hotel Pillows
    Hotel Pillows... Here is another blog from my brother Dr. Pete. Last Friday I drove my son and his teammate to Staten Island for an indoor track meet with over one Read more
  • Counter Culture Fears
    This is this week's blog from my brother Dr. Pete Lombardi. Enjoy. Last week my son was invited to go rock climbing at a local college. He asked me if I Read more
  • Does Perfection Exist?
    This is a blog that my brother Dr. Pete Lombardi wrote for his website recently that I found worth sharing with everyone who is health conscious. We recently took a family Read more

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